A quick tutorial - Recycle an old shoe box

WOW!.....I like it...
RECYCLE an old shoe box.. 
...into a good strong storage container
(Not much of a tutorial more of an idea really)
Times are hard and money is short... and I need some new storage boxes for my studio which is coming along nicely.  I want something for nothing, so off to the local shoe shop to get some 'FREE' boxes... Most shoe shops have hundreds that they have to throw out every day, and are glad to get rid of some... so just ask.
 First take your shoe box
 An old copy of the 'Yellow Pages'...NOT the one being used... Although I was tempted...
I like the colours of the 'Yellow pages' and the paper is nice to work with... and it is what I had to hand...If you haven't got one use an old newspaper will do just fine.
Make up a jar of cold water wallpaper paste and leave to 'gel'. I use an old jam jar because you can put on the lid and shake it rather than messing about stirring the glue, then when you have finished just pop the lid back on to keep it fresh.
Randomly rip up the Yellow Pages... or newspaper, biggish pieces.
We want to be quick.
 Paste the inside of shoe box it sticks better if you paste the box first
Take a large piece of your torn paper and glue it
Stick it to inside of your shoe box
 Add more pieces overlapping as you go. Press the pieces into the joins of the box with the brush......Use the brush to smooth out any lumps or bumps.
Continue gluing pieces of the torn paper to the inside of the box
Continue until you have covered all of the inside of the box and up the sides.
Leave the base for now so that you can dry it without getting it stuck to your work surface....using the same process, cover the inside of the lid. Dry thoroughly....
Now do the same to the bottom of the box and the top of the lid.... Leave to  dry completely....over night is best.
Check over the box and lid to see if you've missed any bits... If completely covered your storage box is now ready to use..The papier mache has made it strong and it no longer looks like an old shoe box.
Add a label and pop in your bits and bobs.....

Only another err.. 20 or more to go...... Hey, I've got a lot of stuff!

 Now what can I put in these boxes... humm... paper, lace, ribbons, pencils...found bits and bobs, I now have a place to put them and not loose them.

And another good point shoe boxes come in all sizes....
Endless possibilities.. coloured pencils, tools, inks, paint tubes, A make up box, Christmas wrapping,  the list goes on... So get your children and grandchildren gluing and sticking.... And better still tidying up all the stuff that you have lying around the studio and house..

Have fun.

*Note to self...Must remember to put labels on the boxes otherwise I still won't be able to find the stuff...